American Crystal Sugar Company



Our first project was in 1991 with a small pulp press installation and as our relationship has evolved, we have provided industrial/mechanical services over the years to include the yearly inter-campaign and maintenance services during plant shutdowns at various locations in the Red River Valley.

ICS has completed over 200 projects for American Crystal Sugar Company at various locations in the Red River Valley. Numerous projects took place in the sugar end where food handling, cleanliness and explosion prevention procedures are required. Many of these projects have included extensive demolition, concrete, piling, piping, mechanical, and dirtwork.

Some of the various projects have included the installation of pulp presses, juice softeners, drain lines, tanks, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, wheel drives, rock catchers and screening equipment; lagoon cleaning, numerous foundations for heavy equipment, beet piling slabs, steam dyers, stainless steel support and maintenance platforms, pour stops, catwalks and trench drains; roof and wall panel repairs; new control rooms, centrifugal replacement, dryer fans, cyclones, ash handling system, diffusers, gear and cassette replacements, gearbox and frame replacements, fill and discharge chutes, supply pumps, multiple new buildings, site improvements, ringwalls and miscellaneous items.

Other projects include tank fabrication, acid piping, cooler refurbishments, generator installations, silo mechanical equipment installations, crane upgrades, and bridge rail replacements.

The majority of the projects took place in close proximity to other structures and under extremely short time schedules during plant shutdowns requiring multiple shifts and 7 days per week schedules.


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