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Pelican Pete

Pelican Pete flew to his temporary home for refurbishment.

ICS helped “Pelican Pete”, the iconic 15-foot-tall Pelican in Pelican Rapids, move to his temporary quarters from his perch at the base of the Mill Pond dam on the Pelican River.  ICS hoisted the very delicate statue made of concrete and steel built in 1957, to a temporary perch a few blocks away. Pete was moved to clear the way for removal of an aging dam that will be replaced with rock rapids.


‘The Turtle Mountain Tribe held an official groundbreaking ceremony for the much-needed, much-anticipated Turtle Mountain Recovery Center, a new state-of-the art facility that will be located in the foothills of Belcourt neat Ojibwa Indian School. The $18 million Turtle Mountain Recovery Center funded by multiple banking and load institutions including Native American Bank, Bremer Bank, USDA Rural Development, and Midwest Minnesota CDC, just recently began construction and is slated to be complete by 2024.

Although the Tribe didn’t officially put shovels in the dirt at the location of the Turtle Mountain Recovery Center due to weather conditions like originally planned, that didn’t stop event organizers and tribal officials from hosting one of the biggest and most important events of the year, a day that has been almost six years in the making for the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.’ (Excerpt from the Turtle Mountain Times.)

This project consists of a 20,000+ square foot new development for the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians. The Turtle Mountain Recovery Center will house inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation patients and provide services for outpatient clients throughout the reservation.

Phase 1 of the project is approximately $16 million and is expected to grow as amenities, roads, and other items are completed during Phase 2. The 8+ acre construction site will undergo a major transformation as the Recovery Center will sit atop a large hill on the edge of the Turtle Mountains. Phase 1 construction will take place throughout the challenging winter months with an estimated completion date of the fall of 2024.


We are currently installing a foundation system holding tank southwest of Washburn North Dakota for Missouri River water as a staging point before it will be pumped through a 6 foot diameter pipe across approximately 165 miles of pipe line east to the Cheyenne River south east of Cooperstown North Dakota.  The water will be used to supply Fargo and Grand Forks in the times of flooding.  The concrete foundation system will have an interior diameter of 44 feet with a depth of 74 feet.  We will place 10.5 feet of concrete in the bottom of the foundation to act as plug and anchor system.

The progress of this project to date includes site preparation by clearing and grubbing, installation of security fence, buildup of roads and signage, and the installation of 40 – 5 foot diameter secant drilled shafts installed in a interlocking system approximately 85 feet below the working surface.  We have just completed the excavation to an elevation of 74’ and have placed 3 feet of concrete at the base of the excavation.  


This year our employees voted on 4 charities to give their donations to, and the one chosen is the Turtle Mountain Animal Recuse which serves an underserved community where veterinary access is sparce and local animals are in need of a helping hand. They are integral in the fostering and rehabilitation, n of rescue animals while waiting for their ‘fur’ever homes, as well as the disaster response team assists with rescuing and trapped animals in the aftermath of natural disasters. 


Work continues for this very important project for our agricultural customers.  This design build project includes concrete foundations, wood structure, vinyl siding, asphalt shingles, interior finishes and the installation of all process equipment.